[Canceled] 15OCT22 / 2300Z HUGE Kansas City Flyout

Let’s get some more signups! 2 weeks two weeks till event let’s fill Kansas City!

13 More Days Till Event!!

I can take ground and tower

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Appreciate it!!

More gates available!

More gates available!! Let’s get some more signups to fill KC!

Let’s get some more signups! 10 Days till event!

9 Days till event!! Let’s get some more signups!

I can have these for an hour

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This looks fun!
Can I have this?73 Spirit A321 Orlando

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Hello there!

I’d like to sign up with this here route, banking on the hopes and dreams that the E175 rework rolls out by then

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@anon31010397 @RyanairLander
You are all signed up! See ya there!

@AIDAN101 Ill get you down! Crossing fingers that it’ll be out by then as well i can’t wait 🤞!!

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Let’s keep those signups coming! 8 Days Left!!

One week Away!! Let’s keep those signups coming!

I’m confused is this training or expert because the tag is training but in the topic it says expert

This is my home grandparents’ home airport… Never seen anyone there in IF… AWESOME EVENT!!!

Could I get this gate but to LGA instead please?

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I am kind of too, guess we’ll mjust find out on the day of

Or if clarification is provided before

The event is on training server

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Signed up @mildredAV glad you could join and thanks for the kind words!