[Canceled] 15OCT22 / 2300Z HUGE Kansas City Flyout

Welcome to Cowtown! Join me and @Butter575 as we fly out of the BBQ capital of the world! Come see a Chiefs game at Arrowhead Stadium and watch them win big. Next, of course, we’ll get some of that nationally known BBQ to savor and get our hands messy with. And finally we’ll take a tour at the National WW1 Museum and see the unique history and horrible bloodshed of the war. Hope to see you there!

Terminal B

Gate Airline Aircraft Destination Pilot
31 Southwest 737-700 Austin
32 Southwest 737-800 Seattle
33 Southwest 737-800 Albuquerque
34 Southwest 737-700 Regan DCA
35 Southwest 737-800 Nashville
37 Southwest 737-800 St. Louis
38 Southwest 737-800 Dallas-Love
39 Southwest 737-700 Charleston
40 Southwest 737-700 Denver
41 Southwest 737-700 Phoenix
43 Southwest 737-800 Chicago-Midway
45 Southwest 737-700 New Orleans
50 Delta E175 Minneapolis
52 Delta 737-800 Los Angeles
56 Delta A320 Salt Lake City
57 Delta 737-900 Atlanta
58 Delta E175 New York-JFK @Ryan_15
59 Delta A320 Seattle @anon36731834
60 Delta E175 New York-LGA @miles

Terminal C

Gate Airline Aircraft Destination Pilot
61 Air Canada CRJ2 Toronto
62 United CRJ7 Chicago
63 United A320 Houston
64 United E175 Washington-Dulles @AviationPhu
67 United 737-800 Denver
68 United A320 San Francisco @ZachmanIF
69 United 737-800 Houston
72 United E175 Washington
73 Spirit A321 Orlando
76 Spirit A321 Los Angeles
77 Spirit A321 Las Vegas @FO-Rico4Milly
78 Alaska 737-900 Seattle
79 American E175 Chicago
81 American E175 Regan DCA @Avaitor1
82 American E175 Austin @United403
83 American 737-800 Charlotte
84 American 737-800 Dallas
85 JetBlue BCS3 New York-JFK @Ryan_15
87 JetBlue BCS3 Boston
88 American 737-800 Miami @FlyingWizard20
89 American A320 Phoenix
90 American A320 Chicago

Event Info

Server: Expert
Time & Date: 2022-10-15T20:00:00Z2022-10-15T23:00:00Z
Airport: KMCI (Kansas City International Airport)

Ground : @CaptainMcsweeney
Tower: @CaptainMcsweeney
Departure: @RyanairLander
Approach: @RyanairLander
Kansas City Center:

Other Events

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  • Not responsible for any level 2 or 3 violations
  • If ATC is not present use Unicom professionally
  • Don’t spam messages if ATC is present
  • Be respectful of everyone else flying
  • Have fun!


I’ll take this please

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Hoping the EJet gets released before this event

I know that would be great!

Let’s get some more signups!

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This please

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More gates available!

May I have this please and thank you?
84 American 737-800 Dallas

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No freight? Also I should add that currently 19R/1L is closed IRL until December, so avoid that runway.

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Thank you so much!

Of course! Glad your coming!

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Let’s get some more signups! Fill Kansas City!!

Also is the Server Expert or Training? Since, the post says Expert, but Training is one of the Tags.

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Can I take this one, please?


Could i take this

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Yes sorry to clarify it’s on training

[quote=“RagonDragon, post:1, topic:728712”]
I’ll get this and to confirm it IAD right?

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Yep it’s IAD thanks for coming!!

Keep those signups coming!

More gates available!

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