[CANCELED]14DEC21 / HHMMZ - Flying with Jets @ KTUS to KPNX

Be on the look out for more flights. i plan to do another one soon here. ill add the link in here when It comes out.


Would love to but I’m not in expert yet! So close tho

ok. i can make this whatever server you want

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there ya go

would like to fly with me would like to know the Zulu time :)

uhh idk that will be EST but let me get that 4 u

I’m confused with Zulu time… lmao

lol its fine.

I’m utc so it’s currently 1:44 for me

same with me

What time is it currently in Zulu time

13:46. it mainly is just the normal time but it keeps going after 12:00

Ok so we’re doing it a 5 pm utc

yea. that is right

Ah ok so i might be able to do it I should be back home if not I will let u know

ok. ill be on here al throughout the flight

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Do you know how long the flight is gate-gate

no. but it should be about like 1-1:30 hours

Ok thx for the info I will try to make it work

Put me down @Paradox