{CANCELED} 10SEP20 / 1330Z- My birthday flight @ EDDF

Plane will be Md-11F Lufthansa. This is a flight that lufthansa does for maintenance work on them. Flight time should be just under 12 hours. Before we take off copy my flight plan to get VNAV if you want it.

The flight plan is DINKI LNO NIK40 GILOM DENOX GOLEX MAK KOK KOK KONAN DVR UMTUM EMKAD DIKVU BIG GOXUL NORRY CPT KENET UGNUS OKTAD TALGA LANON BADSI LIPGO DUB SUROX ENULA DEVOL 5400N0-1100W 5500N0-1300W 5500N0-1400W 5500N0-1500W 5500N0-1600W 5500N0-1700W 5500N0-1800W 5500N0-1900W 5500N0-2000W 5500N0-2100W 5500N0-2200W 5500N0-2300W 5500N0-2400W 5500N0-2500W 5500N0-2600W 5500N0-2700W 5500N0-2800W 5500N0-2900W 5500N0-3000W 5500N0-3100W 5500N0-3200W 5500N0-3300W 5500N0-3400W 5500N0-3500W 5500N0-3600W 5500N0-3700W 5500N0-3800W 5500N0-3900W 5500N0-4000W 5500N0-4100W 5500N0-4200W 5500N0-4300W 5500N0-4400W 5500N0-4500W 5500N0-4600W 5400N0-4800W 5400N0-4900W 5400N0-5000W 5400N0-5100W 5400N0-5200W 5400N0-5300W 5400N0-5400W 5400N0-5500W KODIK YBC ML DICEN LIVBA VIDGO KISUK LETAK DESKI DUGBU KENLU PEPLA DERLO YXU FINGL DUSUT BOVEX BROKK DOLFN DCTYP GILLS CRIBS OTOCE DJB BRUNZ DUTSH KLYNE CREEP SIDAE OMDUE MEM CARIN TOZZI SUTTN ELD INWAM EMG MOKPE EXITE LFK STELL BAZBL PUFER
Speed for ascent below 10000 feet will be 245 knots. Cruise speed is coming soon and speed for descent below 10000 is 245.
Altitude will be Fl380.

Server: Expert

Airport: EDDF-KSAT

Time: 1330Z or 8:30 am CST.

Gate assignments

Lufthansa Technik South 1 @1700302
Cargo south S508 @IFFM_InFlightMexico
Cargo south S506 @Benito007
Cargo South S504
Cargo south S501
Cargo south S503
Cargo south S505
Cargo south S507
Cargo south S604
Cargo South S602
Cargo South S603
Cargo South S601

More gates will be added if needed.

For some reason my IF subscription does not want to renew it self so im very very sorry but I am canceling the flight.


I would suggest adding gates.


Are these gates ok?

Me podrías otorgar una puerta?.. Por favor

What do you mean?

If the MD-11 fits in all of those then yea! :)

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It does I tested it out to make sure.

I looked and there are a ton of cargo gates left in case I get more people joining then I think I will.

He wants a gate :)

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Oh ok. Do you know what gate? I am working on my spanish.

Just a gate, but my Spanish is very rubbish so not too sure😅

Ok I will add him in if he wants to change it he can ask me to.

@Infinite_Qantas and @PilotChrisSG would you like a gate?

Sorry, I’m gonna be out of town.

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Ok got it.

I had to edit it because I will be at the beach on that day. So you might be able to do it.

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Sorry m8, thats sad. Hopefully you resolve the issue

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