[CANCELED]05MAY21/ 2100Z - The Cinco De Mayo Fly-Out @MMMX

Hello!!! Welcome my first ever event in IF, On every may 5 there a holiday called Cinco De Mayo which celebrates annual.
when the Mexico army victory over the French Empire at the battle of Puebla which happen on may 5 1862 little history background on that.
about Cinco De Mayo
About the Airport

Airport diagram

Server:expert server


Time:2021-05-05T21:00:00Z โ†’ 2021-05-06T04:00:00Z

Type of Event: Fly-out


terminal 1

Viva Aerobus/a320/MMPS/gate 01โ€”
Viva Aerobus/a320/MMMZ/gate 02โ€”
Viva Aerobus/a320/MMLP/gate 03โ€”
Volaris/a319/MMUN/gate 04โ€”
Volaris/a319/MMCZ/gate 05โ€”
Volaris/a319/MMTG/gate 06โ€”
Volaris/a319/MMBT/gate 08โ€”
Viva Aerobus/a320/MMMY/gate 10โ€”
Volaris/a319/MMGL/gate 11โ€”
Volaris/a319/MMSD/gate 12โ€”
Viva Aerobus/a320/MMTJ/gate 13โ€”
Viva Aerobus/a320/MMMD/gate 15โ€”
Volaris/a319/MMPR/gate 16โ€”
Volaris/a319/MMZH/gate 17โ€”
Iberia/a350/LEMD/gate 18โ€”@Jukker
Viva Aerobus/a320/MMCU/gate 21โ€”
Air France/b777-300er/LFPG/gate 22โ€”
Lufthansa/A350/EDDF/gate 23โ€”
KLM/b787-9/EHAM/gate 24โ€”
British Airways/b777-300er/EGLL/gate 25โ€”
Air Canda/b787-9/CYYZ/gate 26โ€”
Volaris/a319/KIAH/gate 27โ€”
Volaris/a319/KSAT/gate 28โ€”
United Airlines/b737-800/KORD/gate 29โ€”
American Airlines/b737-800/KCLT/gate 30โ€”
American Airlines/b737-800/KMIA/gate 31โ€”
American Airlines/a320/KPHX/gate 32โ€”
American Airlines/b737-800/KDFW/gate 33โ€”
United Airlines/b737-800/KSFO/gate 34โ€”
United Airlines/b737-800/KIAD/gate 35โ€”
United Airlines/b737-800/KEWR/gate 36โ€”


FedEx/b777F/KMEM/Cargo Apron 41Aโ€”
FedEx/MD11F/KMEM/Cargo Apron 42โ€”
UPS/MD11F/KSDF/Cargo Apron 44โ€”
FedEx/b777F/KMEM/Cargo Apron 45โ€”

terminal 2

Delta/b757/KJFK/gate 52โ€”
Delta/b757/KATL/gate 53โ€”
Delta/b757/KLAX/gate 54โ€”
Aero Mexico/B787-8/SCEL/gate 55Aโ€”
Aero Mexico/b737-700/MGGT/gate 56โ€”
Aero Mexico/b737-700/MSLP/gate 57โ€”
American Airlines/b737-800/KPHL/gate 58โ€”
Delta/A321/KDTW/gate 59โ€”
United airlines/b757/KDEN/gate 60โ€”
Aero Mexico/B737-700/MMAS/gate 61โ€”
Delta/b737-900er/KMSP/gate 62โ€”
Delta/b757/KBOS/gate 63โ€”
Copa Airlines/b737-800/MPTO/gate 64โ€“
Avianca/a320/SKBO/gate 65โ€”
Delta/b757/KSEA/gate 66โ€”
Air Canda/a321/CYUL/gate 67โ€”
Delta/a321/KSLC/gate 68โ€”
Air Canda/a321/CYVR/gate 69โ€”
Aero Mexico/b737-700/KLAS/gate 70โ€”
Aero Mexico/b737-700/MMVA/gate 71โ€”
Aero Mexico/b737-700/MROC/gate 72โ€”
Aero Mexico/b737-700/KMCO/gate 73โ€”
Volaris/a319/KOAK/gate 74โ€”(the gate of the creator of this event)

1.Respect unicom at all times, if people from the IFATC will be controlling at the event, follow all instructions Im not responsible of your violations or reports, it your own fault
2.Please fly and act professionaly. The event is in Expert Server, trolls are extremely prohibit
3. maintain safe distance from each other at departures recommended like 6nm or 7nm
4. and finally have fun!!!

hi Iยดd like to do this one

ight thank you for joining!

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