[CANCELED] 01JUN21 / 0200Z - Auckland Flyout with destinations to different 3D airports @ NZAA

Auckland Airport (IATA: AKL , ICAO: NZAA ) is the largest and busiest airport in New Zealand, with over 21 million passengers in the year ended March 2019. The airport is located near Mangere, a residential suburb, and Airport Oaks, a service hub suburb 21 kilometres (13 mi) south of the Auckland city centre. It is both a domestic and international hub for Air New Zealand, and the New Zealand hub of Jetstar Airways.

The airport is one of New Zealand’s most important infrastructure assets, providing thousands of jobs for the region. It handled 71 per cent of New Zealand’s international air passenger arrivals and departures in 2000. It is one of only two commercial airports in New Zealand (the other being Christchurch) capable of handling Boeing 747 and Airbus A380


Event Type: Fly out

Server : Expert Server

Airport : Auckland Airport (NZAA)

Time and Date : 2021-06-01T02:00:00Z


Short routes (-3h)
Flight no. Airline Destination Flight Time (Estimated) Aircraft Pilot
JST251 Jetstar Airways Wellington 00:50 A320 -
ANZ691 Air New Zealand Wellington 00:50 A320 -
JST225 Jetstar Airways Christchurch 01:10 A320 -
ANZ515 Air New Zealand Christchurch 01:10 A320 -
JST293 Jetstar Airways Queenstown 01:30 A320 -
ANZ611 Air New Zealand Queenstown 01:30 A320 -
Long routes (+3h)
Flight no. Airline Destination Flight Time (Estimated) Aircraft Pilot
ANZ8 Air New Zealand San Francisco 11:30 787-9 -
UAL916 United San Francisco 11:30 777-300 @Joao_Christ
UAL916 United San Francisco 11:30 777-300 @Jukker
ANZ6 Air New Zealand Los Angeles 11:30 787-9 -
ANZ26 Air New Zealand Chicago 14:30 787-9 -
AAL34 American Airlines Dallas 13:30 787-9 -
ANZ28 Air New Zealand Houston 13:30 787-9 -
ANZ10 Air New Zealand Honolulu 8:00 787-9 -
ANZ99 Air New Zealand Tokyo Narita 11:00 787-9 -
ANZ97 Air New Zealand Osaka 11:00 787-9 -
ANZ75 Air New Zealand Seoul 11:30 787-9 -
KAL130 Korean Air Seoul 11:30 777-200 -
CCA784 Air China Beijing 12:30 787-9 -
ANZ289 Air New Zealand Shanghai 11:30 787-9 -
CES780 China Eastern Shanghai 11:30 A350-900 -
ANZ77 Air New Zealand Taipei 11:00 787-9 -
CAL2054 China Airlines Taipei 11:00 A350-900 -
CSN306 China Southern Guangzhou 11:00 787-8 -
ANZ81 Air New Zealand Hong Kong 11:00 787-9 -
CPA198 Cathay Pacific Hong Kong 11:00 A350-900 -
NZA284 Air New Zealand Singapore 10:00 787-9 -
SIA282 Singapore Airlines Singapore 10:00 A350-900 -
MAS144 Malaysia Airlines Kuala Lampur 10:00 A350-900 -
UAE449 Emirates Dubai 16:30 777-2LR -
Cargo routes
Airline Destination Aircraft Pilot

At your choice


Spawn 15 minutes before pushback.
We are NOT responsible for any reports or violations during the event.
Please respect all pilots, be professional.
If IFATC is present, follow all instructions, and if not, use UNICOM correctly.

Have fun and enjoy the event!

Thanks for checking out our event! I hope you enjoyed.

Made and organized by @Joao_Christ, @JPC and @Arthur_Lyrio.


i will take this route :)

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lets participate guys! i hope you enjoyed :)

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Hi, I´d like to do this one :)

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@Joao_Christ and @Jukker Thanks for join, enjoy the event! 🥳

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Could I please have a short haul rout of my own?

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yes, sure!

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OK could I please have a dash 8 to NZRO and back?

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alright! do you have the flight number?

it’s ANZ5149 to and ANZ5150 back.

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@Joao_Christ @Jukker @MisterSir Thank you very much for your interest, but unfortunately this event has been canceled 😕


no worries

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Event Cancelled