Cancel Takeoff Clearance While at Vr Speed?

Just now I was flying a Spitfire MK ll from St. John (CYYT) and was cleared for takeoff. As I approached Vr speeds I was told to cancel my clearance. If you’ve flown the Spitfire you know how bad it handles on the ground once it reaches higher speeds so I ended my flight after drifting off the runway 02 while responding to my clearance cancellation and ended the flight before getting a taxi speed violation. How should I have handled this? The controller was Cristian-Glez-AFKLM. This was on Expert at 2132z 12DEC19

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Probably your best bet to exit and restart.

Send a DM to @Cristian_Gonzalez

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I would say for future reference, don’t worry about responding to the message put your attention into slowing down and exiting the runway that is what ATC wants. Not necessarily a reply back. When it is safe to do so then respond the the original message…

But if you passed V1 then you must takeoff regardless of the situation.

Nvm. Now that the weather cleared out from IFR conditions I see that RWY 02 and 34 intersect and I had entered 34. Sorry for any confusion this caused @Cristian_Gonzalez. N530QB. (A mod can now close this topic)