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I need to cancel my monthly subscription. I know its self explanatory but let me explain my situation. My subscription is through Apple but I know longer own an apple device. I’m now on android. It says I have to cancel through iTunes but I no longer have access to my iTunes account. I’ve tried to get apple to help me with this but they can NEVER seem to help. I no longer use this app as much as I used to and I need monthly payments to stop. Please help.


Unfortunately this isn’t something we have any control over. Only the owner of the account or Apple are able to perform this action.

I would push to Apple again and attempt to get help to restore access to your account and from there cancel the subscription.


Ok. I’ll reach out to them again. Thanks for the help

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There is a page on If you want to cancel a subscription from Apple - Apple Support for canceling subscriptions. At the bottom there should be directions for non apple devices. You may have to contact Apple support directly in this case.

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