Cancel subscription

Title says it all. How do I do it?

Auto-Renew can be cancelled directly from your App Store or Play Store app. Please find the instructions for your store below:

Google Play Store:
View, change, or cancel Google Play Store subscription

iOS App Store:
View, change, or cancel your App Store subscription

So we can continue to improve for our customers, could you please let us know why you do not want to renew your subscription? We appreciate your business and feedback!


Hey man is there a reason why you are leaving IF?

i also want to cancel my auto-renew. before i got the global i remember i made a topic asking for help cause i wasn’t able to purchase the global subscription for 6 months although i had enough about 55$ balance for it when its only needed 49.99 but i was told that maybe the taxes amount is higher!,. i couldn’t even purchase the 1 one month version but its allowed me to purchase the one month version later on!! i thought it was a bug or something,.

i wanna try to purchase the 6 month version next month and hopefully its works,.

If you use android, I do not believe there is a way to cancel auto-renew.

I believe the only way to stop auto-renew is to cancel the subscription, and then let it run out (to my knowledge).

If you use IOS, sadly I do not know, as I am an Android User.

yes i just canceled my one month subscription, its will end on 29th March,.

this time i will fill up my ooredoo with 65$ balance and see if i still can’t purchase the 6 month subscription,.

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