Cancel Subscription Without iTunes Store


I’m working on trying to cancel my PRO Sub, but when I click ‘Manage Subscription’, I get an error that says it is unable to connect to the iTunes Store. I’m not sure whether this is due to internet connectivity or Parental Restrictions.

Is there any other way to cancel it without going through iTunes?


Do you have a computer, laptop or something like that? I think that you can cancel the subscription via the Website (goes to Phones as well)

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Can’t find anything there.

Hi, try checking in with your parents if they can cancel the subscription, as far as I’m aware if you have parential restrictions on your apple ID you can’t really do anything related to purchases

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If I am not wrong, you can go to Report A Problem to request a refund without going through iTunes. Cheers!

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Well, I figured it out, remembered I had an old like iPhone 5 without the restrictions, logged in there, and cancelled there.

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