Cancel subscription - 5 reports

I have 5 reports in last year, so Im unable to fly on Expert server until May 2019. Without Expert, IF means nothing to me.

Can I cancel the subscription until May 2019, and then resume paying the monthly fee, when I will have access to Expert server? Will my grade be saved?

Thanks a lot.

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Hi @Jakub_Astary1,

You are able to cancel your subscription from auto-renewing, however if you are in the middle of a subscription, it will continue until its expiration date. Once you return to Infinite Flight, you’ll get your stats back, but remember everything is based on a 90-day time frame, so you’d need to get your landings and time flying back up in order to get your grade back.


What’s your call sing in app?

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What are you basing this off of since no information was given in the post?

I am just basing off of flight time, not reports/violations/ghostings.

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The OP’s issue has nothing to do with flight time. We appreciate participation in the Support category but please be sure you are relaying accurate information.


Understood, deleted my post.

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I think Its Wizz Air 001 (His summary)

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@Mell_Ijzerman how so?


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Sign 😉 Although singing when flying is kinda fun.

@Jakub_Astary1 I think he means what is the display name you identify under in the infinite flight app? It’ll allow the team to best assist you.



@mwe2187’s response covers everything you need to know. Does this answer your question?

Yes, It’s Wizz Air 001.

Thank you for your replies. My callsign is Wizz Air 001. So, I can cancel my subscription, my stats will be saved. Just then I need to have enough landings and flight time in last 90 days. How many do I need to have access to Grade 3?

Have a look at your grade table, which provides all the information you require.