Cancel Pro

How can I cancel my pro subscription?

Thank you for contacting support. Auto-Renew can be cancelled directly from your App Store or Play Store app. Please find the instructions for your store below:

Google Play Store:
View, change, or cancel Google Play Store subscription

iOS App Store:
View, change, or cancel your App Store subscription

So we can continue to improve for our customers, could you please let us know why you do not want to renew your subscription? We appreciate your business and feedback!


Thank you!

As for my experience when I canceled the Pro Subs because the balance will be used for more important purposes than PRO SUBS infinite flight. In my opinion, there are two choices related to the purchase process (I mentioned above). The first you can ask for a refund from Google or you request it from the developer directly.

For refund from Play Store there are also separate provisions. For applications, you must do it in less than 48 hours. For other content (music, movies, books, etc.) there is a possibility of more than 48 hours. Google said that there would be a response within 15 minutes.
but if you just bought IF pro through Playstore and haven’t been refunded for more than 2 hours. Then the opportunity to return it is easy in my opinion heheh