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I need your help?

I would like to cancel my subscription because my subscription has expired soon … My question is my subscription is extended even if I have no money? And if so, how can I cancel? I do not want to go down.

Thank you

Thank you for contacting support. Auto-Renew and subscription changes can be managed directly from your App Store or Play Store app. Please find the instructions for your store below:

Google Play Store:
View, change, or cancel Google Play Store subscription

iOS App Store:
View, change, or cancel your App Store subscription


Google play store has a subscription menu not sure about IOS

Exactly I was already in the menu but there is nothing to cancel subscription?


Make sure you are signed into the iTunes account you purchased the subscription with then from your iphone/ipad home screen

go to Settings > iTunes and App Store > Click on your iTunes Account at the Top you will then see the subscriptions option

Here you can manage your active subscriptions if you have one and view your expired subscriptions

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I have a Android iPhone dmn

Maybe this might help.

  1. On your Android phone or tablet, open the Google Play Store
  2. Tap Menu ![and then|13x18](upload://vUxImABpmc1yW9ljfB9jF1SCYMU.png and then Subscriptions .
  3. Tap the subscription you want to cancel.
  4. Tap Cancel subscription .
  5. Follow the onscreen instructions.

Here’s some picture to go along with what was said above





If there is no subscription showing make sure your logged into the right google play account and that your subscription is not up

it may be that I still have my normal pro abo … so I bought even before the Global Update came a 1 year live?

Because I’m on subscription there’s nothing on it … weird

and yes it is the same account I have only 1

my other question is if it will be extended even if I have no money in my account ??

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If you purchased the subscription before Global release then you will not auto-renew. In order for auto-renew to work you would have had to accept the terms associated with auto-renewal. Before Global, subscriptions weren’t managed via the App Store or Play Store.

When you are logged in, click on your name in the upper right corner of the home screen. You should see your Display Name, Callsign and then a snapshot of your subscription that will say 12 Months of Infinite Flight Sub valid until December 02, 2018.

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