Cancel liveflight

I must have spent or should ami say wasted at least £20 on liveflight as it keep auto renewing and it’s impossible to find the cancel subscription button. I don’t fly right now, haven’t done for months. How the hell do you unsubscribe? Devs for this app need to make it bold and very very clear how to cancel.

Hello! To cancel any in-app purchases you can go to your Apple ID and click “Subscriptions” and cancel it there!

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I don’t have LiveFlight active in my iTunes subscription list. The only live subscription I have is Live 360 which is completely unrelated.

Oh gotcha. Hmmm…

There should be a section on cancelling your subscription within the ‘My account’ section on their website, check there as that should give you information on when your subscription is to run out and how to go about cancelling it.


Thank you. I’ve found it on their website, however this should still be built on to the app as it never occurred to me to log in on my pc.

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