Cancel flight

Is there anyway I can cancel my flight away from my device?
I won’t be back from my device and I have 1 hour before I land. If there is a way please let me know

Land at some randol sirpott kn the ground

No that’s the problem i am far away from my device and by the time I get back I would either get violations which I don’t want or crash

Why would you get violations?

Hmm ask domeone to turn off the internet

If he has vnav he will descend and fast speed

My aircraft speed is the reason once below 10000 speed has to be 250kts I’m currently Mach .78

This is why you do not turn on your VNAV until you actually need to descend, otherwise you miss out and you get the violations.


But the issue is that you activated VNAV, which you MUST only activate 1 min before descent

Run back home. Or get someone to close your device 🤷🏽‍♂️

Vnav isn’t activated I never do until 1 minute before descend

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Then the aircraft will not descent and there is no problem

Eventually it will descend ( If fuel runs out), if you’re lucky your aircraft will glide down slowly to the ground and you won’t receive any violations, happened to me a while ago…
When will you be back home and how much extra fuel do you have on board?

Put 38626 pounds a320 of fuel for a flight NZAA-YSSY probably will be home around 5:00pm

Would you like disconnecting? I can do it for you if you’d like.

That would be great Kyle

Cool, I’ve disconnected you. You won’t have anything on your record / get any violations. Glad I could help!

Thanks you so much this can be closed now

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