Canberra ATC Issue

I request to inbound runway 17 , then ATC said enter right downwind runway 35 . For your information runway 35 in close . As you cam see in maps
Now what should i do ?? I continue to runway 17 . Then he banned me . Then he also cleared for some airplane to take off runway 35 . Wht happend with ADVATCteam ???
My Callsign : PK-FL5

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Many things wrong with this (being answered on IFFG). They can use 35 at the crosswind is only 5 knots amongst other thing

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There is no issue, 5 knots crosswind 90 degrees. Don’t focus on red numbers for the runway as this doesn’t mean anything.


Know your fact before flying on advanced ;)


Please just follow ATC Instructions and you WONT be Ghosted !

Thank aernout , new knowledge its important

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It is/was impractical and extremely difficult landing at runway 17 without an ILS, This also makes difficult for the approach controller to give vectors. A 5 knot crosswind will be there on both sides, for the sake of being easy for both you and me, I used 35. Sorry for ghosting and I apologize :)


Its oke dush , you make me to learn more about it , great job !! Appreciated 👋👋👋

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Cool man, happy flying :D any questions don’t hesitate to ask :)

This is partially the issue I have been raising since they introduced the glideslope on all approaches. I’ve copied this from my other response re autoland:

Canberra YSSY had less than 1/2 SM visibility just before, runway 17 was displaying as active due to the wind. People started doing autoland approaches on 17, utilising the fake glideslope. But at about 3.5 miles out from 17, there’s a hill that peaks at 2944 feet, causing some major dramas.

Now runway 35 is full ILS. As the wind was only 5 knots 95 degree crosswind, all arrivals should have been using runway 35 autoland, down the perfect unobstructed glideslope. People got false hope due to autoland working on 17 and switched it on, sat back, made a cup of tea and came back right in time to see a hill coming straight for them.

White cone = GPS
Red cone = ILS, thats why advanced atc tries to use ILS runway mostly with bad visibility :)

Even when flying GPS when its not auto land you will hit that mountain when you follow the glide slope…

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I do mean the opposite yes thanks for saying :)

Both sides of the runway have a 5kt crosswind, Anyways you are going to land with a 5kt crosswind. Then, why do care about the Side? Once you are in ATC’s hands, There’s guarantee that you will reach your destination safely (If you follow Instuctions)