Canandian DC-10 livery issue

I was flying with the Canadian DC-10 recently, and I found a fault in the livery, on the left side the Canadian Logo’s arrow is flipped the wrong way. When in reality, the arrow always faced forward no matter what side of the aircraft it was on. Note the same registration was not planned, it was a welcome surprise.
Real world:

Infinite Flight:

I know this isn’t as vital as the new update, but I think fixing the livery will add a bit more realism to Infinite Flight.

Ryan Miltenberger


Huh, you’re right. Amazing that you noticed such a small detail.

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That’s weird, never noticed that. Might have to ask the devs.

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My friend initially pointed it out, I looked into it. So thank him. I just brought it up on the forums.

Any idea if there’s a way I can tag them on the forums?

No need to. I’ve already notified them :)

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Thank you! <3 It’s awesome to see this got reported to the devs so soon.

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Also, would there be a way for y’all to add Canadian Airlines International on Live?

Lol. Hold your horses. Don’t go off requesting stuff now ;)

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Haha I’m not, just wondering. As it seems fitting to fly CDN with a CDN plane.

You mean this?

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Yes, for some reason I do not see it on my iPad.

Check if there’s an update hiding in App Store :)

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Just updated the app today, restarted it. I’ll check again. If it doesn’t show, should I re-install?

Yeah. I’m in the same version as you so it should show.

PM me if it doesn’t work!

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