Canals of Amsterdam to the luxury of Abu Dhabi

What’s up, everyone? Welcome to my second edition to #screenshots-and-videos! I have a real beauty for you all today! As you can see, we are also getting quite luxurious. Lets do it!

Server: Expert
Flight Time: 6:25
Aircraft: Etihad 78X

Spawning in at Amsterdam-Schiphol

Pushed back, and ready to taxi.

Holding short. Checklist complete, and ready to takeoff.

Sneaking out of Amsterdam with those beautiful engines.
Ok. Skipping ahead a little, we have just reached our cruising altitude above Germany.

Now skipping WAY ahead, we are off the coast of the UAE, prepping for descent.


Butter. That. Bread.

Welcome to Abu Dhabi!

And one last bonus picture!
Let me know: which picture was your favorite?

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And one more poll for y’all, how many people visited Abu Dhabi in 2019?

  • 8.55 Million
  • 10.20 Million
  • 11.35 Million
  • 12.8 Million

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Answer in the next topic! Until then, stay safe, and God Bless! Thanks for reading!