Canadien gouvernement A300 and Challenger_601

I reading a book and see why we don’t add the canadien gouvernement

Pictures :

It is a V.I.P Plane for Justin Trudeau
Justin Trudeau use a lot (before the virus) for going at 🇮🇳 India
The aircraft go Paris, London and Dublin before completing its trip to Lough Erne, Northern Ireland, for the G8 Summit.
Thanks to see my features
I think it is a great feature

First of all, that plane is an A300 I believe. I recommend making some research before you make a request for it. This aircraft isn’t even in the game so and I really doubt it will be added.

Edit: It also could be an A310, but the same applies

Seems to be an A300 or A310 ;)

May want to only include one picture, as well as add some more info.

A310 I believe. Definitely not an A320 or 777.

Must’ve watched the same video as me earlier today!

It is indeed a Militarized variant of the Airbus A310. A cool video about the future of these aircraft came out earlier.

The content creator is a great Canadian aviation channel, I’d highly suggest it for Canadian based aviators.


Thanks for help. I well see it 😃

I edit it know

Requesting two aircraft in a single feature request is not permitted. No picture credits. Limited info provided.