Canadian Wilderness

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On Friday the 10th, January 2020. I flew over part of Southernish Central Canada with @Balloonchaser and @David_Mullen. We departed from Sault Ste Marie Airport where the outflow of Lake Superior is located at. Instead of boring commercial aircraft, we used C172 where things are more fun. We departed on runway 30 and turned right and set our NAV to CYSB where we will touch and goes there. The landscape was alarming beautiful just like Northern Eastern Minnesota. I can feel it, the great wilderness. It was about 45 minutes until we did touch and goes at Sudbury Airport and began our way to North Bay Jack Garland (CYYB) and land there. Unfortunately, David has to leave earlier so he landed at CYSB and however @Balloonchaser must have fallen asleep. He missed both airports. Some legends say he is still flying in the Wilderness of Canadian land.

You must be getting bored reading this passage. Well, let’s get to it!

Number Eins (1):

At Sault Ste Marie Airport, we began our electrical system and turned the life of the engine. Filled in the flight plan, navigation, and chatting if they are ready to go. No edit at all. Beautiful afternoon to start.

Number Zwei (2):We proceeded to taxi to runway 30 and I was the first of three to take off. The second was Ballonchaser and the last was David. Beautiful takeoff from me and the photo itself. No edit was done on this. Just original, time, and visibility.

Number Drei (3):

Ohh the fall colors, bright and dark trees, bump and bump as far you can see, and the terrain looks like my homestate Minnesota. The photo should explain itself to you.

Number Vier (4):

Lakes, lakes, and lakes. I don’t want to lose the lake, but I must turn and go, just go. There are other places to go and see.

Number Fünf (5):

Touch and goes at Sudbury Airport. The hills look mountains, the mountains are far, far away. The light is escaping away, we must land soon.

Number Sechs (6):

We had reached our destination at last. Foggy sunset in the Canada seem once in a lifetime. Now, I wait till Monday night to takeoff from CYYB to CYOW.

But it was dark, and I don’t want to edit. So I leave the way it is.

Thank you for viewing my screenshots and see you next time.

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I wish I can go fishing there lol

Anyway nice screenshots the last one is superior

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