Canadian Liveries

I’m Canadian, and I feel like we are a little bit under-represented. I understand that all the current Air Canada aircraft are represented, but only one of the WestJet liveries is. Personally, I think that we need to add the WestJet livery on the 737-800, and add a 767-300ER with the WestJet livery. Maybe no one else agrees with me, put if you do, show some support!


Air Canada Rouge A319, 767-300ER

Air Canada 777-200(LR), 777-300(ER)

WestJet Tartan livery


Those are some more ones that we could have! Thanks for thinking about them

Air Canada on the ERJ 190
Westjet and Air Canada on the upcoming Dash 8 Q400 :)


They are making the a319! Finally…

There’s already a Air Canada 77W

I know there’s an Air Canada on the ERJ-175 I believe? I prefer the A320 Air Canada more than the ERJ version

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I want to have the Air Canada Rouge 767-300ER and A319
Also Air Transat is from Canada, A330 will be nice to have
WestJet 767 is a nice livery

Hope to have all those soon

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Air Transat is coming! I don’t know on what aircraft, I think it might be a320 but on the call sign selector its the one after Air Portugal

@HV9690 l’ve been flying the Air Canada 175, but I would prefer flying the 190

Nahhhhhhhh not 2 ERJ’s

The 767 from Rouge would be awesome!

WestJet Frozen 737-800

It’s awesome that Air Canada and Rouge were put onto the A319. Thanks devs!

Now that the Dash 8 has been announced, I would hope they will include the Westjet livery. Not only are both Canadian, but it looks amazingly beautiful :)