Canadian International Airlines Memorial Flight @ CYUL - 251800ZJAN19

Server: Casual

Airport: CYUL-CYYZ

Time: 1800Z, 25th January

NOTAM: Aircraft: DC10 (Canadian International Airlines Livery). Timing and date is posted as will be in Zulu time.


Air Canada Hangar 1: @BCBlueberriesAir

Air Canada Hangar 2:

Air Canada Hangar 3:

Air Canada Hangar 4:

Air Canada Hangar 5:

Air Canada Hangar 6:

Just wanted to have a nice flight in a great aircraft with a great historic Canadian livery. Nice and short but iconic.

First of all, please fix your title accordingly as the about the events category post says, pinned at the top of #live:events, and also, shouldn’t you be using Zulu instead of U.K. time?


Thanks for the help. I hope my edits are correct

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That’s the best edit I’ve seen in a long time👍

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