Canadian Dreams

Welcome everyone to a new S&V topic from me! It’s been a little while but I am able to fly again! Today’s flight takes us from Toronto, Canada 🇨🇦 to New Delhi, India 🇮🇳!

This flight is operated by Air Canada’s 787-9 and the flight time is about 13 hours! I also was able to log an extra 19 hours for Air Canada Virtual Airlines ;)

A heavy departure of Runway 23 with @ZinZowe lining up behind!

The eastern coast of Canada 🍁

Passing over some sheets of ice from Greenland 🧊 🇬🇱

Sundown over Iceland with the clean fuselage 🥰 🇮🇸

You pilots got the answer to this quiz wrong in the last topic, it was the Aral Sea! 🌊

Some rocky Afghanistan terrain near sunset 🇦🇫

Gear tilt? Maybe 😏

Some last tail shots with @ZinZowe 😎

Another poll, hopefully you pilots can get it correct 😉

Which is Air Canada’s First Aircraft?
  • DC-3
  • MD-88
  • 747-200
  • Hot Air Balloon
  • Challenger Spaceship

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Awwww Mann.


Looks great! I like the watermark in the bottom of the pics.

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Really? I was so sure it was Lake Michigan!

Great Pictures, Loved the Sunset One!

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Your kidding right?

That is what Kamryn put. Lake Michigan is in the U.S.A.


He’s joking 😂

I think?

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My god, these are insanely good, incredible job, Kamryn!

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I have never seen such sharper quality pictures than ever before. Best pictures I have ever seen this week! Good job @Kamryn, here is a virtual medal.🏅

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I had to degrade the quality because IF said my images were to large 😂

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Yes Yes I’m kidding, I know Lake Michigan isn’t in Asia

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Alright wanted to make sure.

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Nice shots although i’m a little bit confused on how it could be sundown in Iceland yet it isn’t dark when you fly over the Aral Sea? I mean, where’s the sunrise?

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Yaaaaaay Canada! Very nice photos!

It was sundown over East Canada but I wanted to switch the time so you could see 😂

Can’t decide what my favorite is… 4, 5 or 6? Anyways, they are all absolutely stunning. Thanks for sharing.

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