Canadian Dreamliner

It’s one of those times that you have a great flight and you want to photograph it! Enjoy this compilation of photos from Sunset to Sunrise over the Atlantic from Toronto, Canada to Zurich, Switzerland.

Flight time was 7 hours and 37 minutes with a smooth buttery touchdown (lmk if you want the report) of -22 V/S! I’d like to give a big thanks to @United2 and @Julius97 for their great ATC work at Zurich!

Departing at 6:30PM is the legacy Dreamliner before it heads off to the Alps carrying 260 passengers on board, A smooth, High rate takeoff out of Toronto.

Sunset arrives over the Hudson Bay high up at FL410.

With a hop across the pond, we are now over Dublin, Ireland while the sun rises.

A view of Paris over the left wing as engine one glistens in the morning sun.

While I wake up 2 minutes after TOD, I make a couple 360s to descend into Zurich

Here is an @AndrewWu style photo of the Dreamliner 😎

Credits to Andrew Wu for the IRL Photo

Heres a last shot of a head-on view of the Dreamliner parked at Zurich ;)


Oh wow that is more similar than I ever thought IF and IRL could be. Why’s the IF gear struts so short


They gotta add em reflections 😎🤩🔥🔥👌👌👌

And why are they so short?


Awesome photos, @Kamryn!

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Wow! Those are A m a z i n g photos!

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These are some really great pictures dude. Awesome! 👍🏻

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Great photos!

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Wow! Almost looks like real life! 😅

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It is real life xd


infinite flight community: TIME TO RIOT GET OUT YOUR PITCH FORKS!!!


Looks really good

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Wonderful captures!

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Amazing pics 😻

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