Canadian Chaos (CYVR-KLAX)

Good morning ladies and gentlemen, and welcome aboard Air Canada flight 364 from Vancouver to Los Angeles. Today we are expecting about a two hour flight on our 16 year old Boeing 767 aircraft. Up front we have Captain Henderson and First Officer Fred, and in the back we have Mary, Jane, and Richard. Please enjoy the flight and again, welcome aboard.

Server: Expert
Time: N/A
Flight Time: 2:15
Aircraft: 767-300
Airline: Air Canada

Here we are parked at the gate, and it is very busy in Vancouver.

We are nearly ready to taxi our to runway 08R, and get the flight underway.

As we hold short of the runway, we watch as our amazing A359 comes in for a beautiful landing.

Time to head out to the runway! Holding on the numbers as we await a takeoff on the adjacent runway.

Rotating out of British Columbia. SoCal here we come!

A busy departure as we make a climb to FL360.

Cruising at FL360. The winds are unusually low…

Time to descend! From the looks of it we may have an audience for the landing.

Final runway 24L. An Aeroflot A330-300 touched down just before me. It flew all the way from Moscow.

I made a really good landing at LAX. Time to head to the gate!

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Thanks for looking! (Preflight announcement was an idea that sparked from somebody else on the IFC… can’t remember who.)


Ok ok what gate were you parked at?
Nice photos

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Lemme check… please hold.

EDIT: @ILOVE7879-2.0 I’m 90% sure it was 23C… not even sure if that is an Air Canada gate. I just spawned in near some other planes.

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Ok Cool! For next time I recommend using the E gates at YVr

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Will do @ILOVE7879-2.0. Thanks for the advice!

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Nice shots. I love that AC still flies the 763. Looks like a perfect landing, too!

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