Canadian Airlines A320

It merged with Air Canada

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I had a feeling…

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Ya…It was part of oneworld

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This would be a great livery to add

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Did these aircraft go to AC when merged?

No, you see Air Canada never had a 747-400

No I meant the A320s

I don’t think so

What IF Air Canada HAD HAD the 747? Imagine that livery

744 I mean

Deceased airline since 2001 = no.

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Sad they had to go. Would have been nice to have another mainline Canadian carrier besides AC.

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No to what

To Canadian Airlines A320.

Why? Why no? @13yearoldpilot

If there is a PAN AM 747 then we can have a Canadian Airlines A320…discussion over.

True. Very true.

My bad, Air Canada did have the 744.

I voted! Really wish the devs would add the full suite of Canadian airlines jets (the A320-200, 747-400, and the 767-300)