Canadian Airlines A320-200

Canadian Airlines Airbus A320-200

While I’m extremely happy that the devs added a Canadian livery for the DC-10, I still think some of the other members of the fleet should be added too, seeing as the aircraft are already in IF.

But first, a little bit about Canadian Airlines:
Canadian was Canada’s second largest carrier, serving the most destinations in Canada (yes, more than Air Canada), and 55 in other countries. They were result of a merger between Canadian Pacific Airline (you may have seen their big, orange and silver jets), and Pacific Western Airlines. Canadian has the distinction of being the world’s first airline to have a website, as well as the first airline to allow online bookings. Ever seen an Air Canada A320-200 or 767-300? It may have started out in a Canadian Airlines livery! After the acquisition of Canadian by Air Canada in 2001, AC kept flying most of the jets that were previously operated by Canadian, including the 747-400, the 767-300, and the A320-200. The 747-400s have since been retired from Air Canada’s fleet. Canadian had three main liveries during it’s lifetime. The first, as seen above, is the livery used on the DC-10 in IF, was a classic. The second one had a large Canadian goose painted on the tail. The third, used after the merger had been agreed, was an Air Canada livery but with the words “Canadian”. Canadian never had a single fatality or injury in its 14 year history.

I think this would be an excellent edition to IF. Not only would it add to the variety of liveries IF has to offer, but the plane is already in IF, and it would also provide an interesting insight into aviation history, into one of OneWorld’s founding members, and what many may have said, was “Canada’s Airline.” Please vote, and let me know what you think below!

Okay, I’ll fix it.


If I were you, I’d prefer the A320 because the other aircraft, just a rework.

Okay all, I’ve fixed it!

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Wanted a Narrowbody Canadian Airlines in IF instead of trying to use a DC-10 at little airports 😂

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Haha, yeah. Honestly, they were one of Canada’s biggest carriers, don’t see how they’re NOT on there

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Boeing A320-200? (Under the picture) :)

Oh lol. I had changed the post from a 747-400 to a A320.

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It’s fine :)

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You got my vote :) :)

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As your first featured topic, it’s great!

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Thanks! Appreciated!

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I understand it’s been many years, but I’d love to revive this topic. Given the lack of Canadian liveries on the A320 (old AC for A319, new AC for A321) this would be a great addition. It would also boost the number of Canadian International liveries in the sim.

Not to mention, the paint scheme just looks so nice on the A320!