Canadian Airlines 747-400

This livery(s) looks amazing on the plane


I like the one on top… Probably because it gives a much vintage feel :)

One picture per request please ;)


It does, I think it’s on approach to Kai Tak

Ohh Kai Tak… Explains the hills back there haha

Anyways the photo has some kind of a nostalgia filter? 😂

It’s sure does, it makes it look nicer…

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I’m not 100% about Kai Tak

I’m not sure either 😂 but the hills do give a mood to the photo! :D

Did Air Canada used to be called Canadian?

This is before the merger

Amazing livery… makes the 744 look like an -8

Eh, Maybe?

Beutiful livery. Nothing more to say. Sometimes I wish Air Canada kept the Canadian Livery instead of the Air Canada of the Frosted Leaf one.