Canadian airfields METAR info down

Has anyone had issues with Live Weather (METAR info) for all major Canadian airports as of January 6th, 2021? Most major bravo class fields have live METAR all the time but it looks like all of Canada is out (except for CYBR) right now, so maybe it’s a glitch or something? Like when I’m on the Map it just shows “No Weather”. I think live weather is working, not 100% sure if it’s accurate or not.

It might get fixed before anyone notices, or it could just be my device but just thought id mention it.

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I just noticed now, I’ll be heading to CYVR tonight . There is no current weather available

update weather is not accurate, I landed in CYWG just now with a 19knot crosswind when the official airport ATIS says it’s in a similar direction, IF is off by about 50-60 degrees. and it’s only 8kts true listening to official ATIS, according to CYWG. Probably a bug or something. I noticed LiveATC doesn’t show any METAR info either but the audio playback works. maybe that has something to do with it, if they can’t get the info then obviously IF cant either. I have no idea if they use that service or not I’m just pointing out the correlation of problems.

Yeah earlier in Dallas it said there was 216kt winds…

how was the weather last night? Are winds accurate? it appears to still be down

We’re keeping an eye on this. Our provider has had some data center issues this week so updates may be a bit slower (and there’s not much we can do in the meantime). Sorry for the inconvenience


ohh ok ya no no that’s fine I totally understand technical difficulties. Just wasn’t sure if anyone knew or not :)

Thanks for the reply Cameron

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Thanks for reporting regardless, appreciate you understanding :)

I’ll check back on this tomorrow and Sunday and will let you know if we have any new information


The NAV Canada site says the wind was 290 degrees @ 20kts Gust 28kts.
Infinite flight was 340 degrees @ 12kts Gust around 15-18kts.
The visibility and clouds are the ones I didn’t observe closely. But the visibility on final was pretty clear compare to what the NAV Canada site is saying.

Just to keep everyone in the loop: it looks like the weather service is returning to normal today. Our servers are now processing new weather data and there have already been multiple updates today already.

I’ll keep an eye out and let you know if things break again, but this should be solved for the time being. Thanks for your patience and understanding!


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