Canadian 767-300

A320 and 747 already requested, but there’s still the 767, IMO this livery looks amazing on the 767[poll]

  • This is absolutely gorgeous, must have
  • It’s ok.
  • What the heck is this


:) we need this!

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Lol you saw it was beautiful from the topic that saids long gone airlines something like that eh?
It’s still a beautiful livery, I love it.

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No ahaha i just looked at the livery when i came into this topic and thought it was gorgeous i actually went to that topic after this

Wow, this livery is gorgeous! This is a must.

So this means that you are trying to post (request) the total fleet of Canadian?

Yes, that’s exactly what he means👍 He likes the liveries, so if he posts slot he might get 1

Looks a bit old school

🎶 I don’t like it, I love it love it love it, whoa-oh🎶

Looks amazing!

That’s because it is old school, they merged with Air Canada back in 2000

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The 2 other requests for the 747 and a320 were other people

Actually, that’s not what he means to do, because I requested the 747 & A320.

Yah, that’s what I said 😛

Ok! My bad:)