Canadi>n Airlines Airbus A320 “Proud Wings” Livery

I present to you…
The Canadi>n Airlines Airbus A320

Photo Credit: Pierre Langlois @

Canadian Airlines was created in March 1987 following Pacific Western Airlines purchase of Canadian Pacific Airlines (CP air), years later in 1996 Canadian was one of the founding members of Oneworld Alliance, but a downturn in the Asian economy in 1998 lead to their most profitable routes suffering and worsened their already poor financial position, and after a failed bid in early 2000 by American Airlines (already a 25% stake holder in Canadian) the airline was acquired by Air Canada leading to Air Canada having a mind blowing 90% domestic share of passengers in Canada.

Canadian operated out of its four hubs located in, Calgary, Montreal, Toronto and Vancouver to destinations in five continents (Asia, Europe, North & South America and Oceania)

The aircraft Canadian operated at the time of its closing include the Boeing 737-200, Boeing 747-400, Boeing 767-300er, McDonnell Douglas DC-10-30 and obviously the Airbus A320

The Canadian Airbus A320 pictured above is registered as C-FNVU and still operates with Air Canada to this day. Well actually it’s parked due to COVID but it WAS still operating It is pictured in the short lived “Proud Wings” livery Canadian adopted in 1999 shortly before its demise, the livery made it to at least one example of each aircraft in their fleet minus the DC-10s which were sold off before the completion of the merger hence why no Air Canada DC-10s :(

Anyway, with only one Canadian airlines livery in the game and none of my personal favorite “Proud Wings” livery, I would love to fly this beauty in IF

Once again, new to the whole features request thing so any feedback is appreciated
W!ll :)

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When I first read the title I thought you had misspelled

beautiful one

i’m out of votes tho


Thank you! :)

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It is an interesting branding choice, but I kind of like it 🤔


Give us Air Canada first lol

I agree that we need more Canadian livery’s in game, and finger crossed we get both 👍

Very nice mate, il vote for this :D

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Thank you :)

Just thought I would share this, Today (January 1st) is the 19th anniversary of the completion of Canadian merging into Air Canada after Air Canada’s acquisition of Canadian in 2000 :(


I just want to remind you all how much I want this lol

Photo Credits: Robert St-Pierre @ JetPhotos.con


Photo Credits: Mike Head @


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All I can ever think about when I think of Canadian is that one episode of Mighty Machines from like the 80s or 90s. God the nostalgia of that theme song.


Best theme song ever lol 🥲

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Yes 👍 🇨🇦Awesome ! You Got My Vote for sure @W_LL
I’ve travelled Canadian Airlines in the Early 80/90’s

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Thank you!
I wish I’d had the opportunity to fly on them before they were acquired :(

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Photo Credits: Pierre Lacombe @

A Canadi>n Airlines A320-200 blasting out of Montréal circa 2000 🇨🇦😍

The photographer also included a brutality honest caption only saying, “Canadian Airlines no longer exist” which is both grammatically incorrect and makes me sad 😢🤣

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I fly this livery which is red- gold B737 The tail reminds me of Canadian Airlines. Lol
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I use this for Northern Canada routes. Since there’s No Canadian North / Canadian Airlines

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The picture didn’t load but I think I know what your talking about 😁

I really hope another Canadian livery gets added soon, just the DC-10 is not enough :(

There’s been a big reshuffle of the features category but the Canadian Airlines A320 lives on!!

Photo Credits: Senga Butts @

This livery, named “Proud Wings”, while short lived, was the final livery applied to Canadian Airlines aircraft before it’s merger with Air Canada. Pictured here on a Airbus A320 registered C-FNVU as it departs Chicago O’Hare way back in 2000 Twenty two years ago 🤯 This airframe actually still flys with Air Canada which is a trend I’ve seen with former Canadian Airlines aircraft.

Thanks for stopping by and drop a vote if you wish for this too :)

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