Canadair Regional Jets 900 Celebration @ KLAX - 151030ZJUL18

Hey everyone!

As you may have known, the CRJ-900 has been recently released. The aircraft looks sick!

I’ve found this as an excellent opportunity to celebrate this moment.

We move on to the United States, and go into Los Angeles. This is an airport that has been recently updated. We will be flying in the American Eagle CRJ-900. The route will be KLAX-KDFW. This will be our stop at Dallas, refuel, and continue to New York JFK International Airport.

Server: Training
Time And Date: July 15th at 1030Z (1130 BST)
Aircraft and Airline: CRJ-900 in American Eagle colours.
Estimated Flight Time: KLAX-KDFW : 2hrs | KDFW-KJFK: 4hrs
Fuel: 1st Flight : 03:50 | 2nd Flight : 07:00
Altitude and Speed: 300kts IAS and 35000ft on both flights.
Gates: Gates will be shown 1 day before departure. Sign up for the event is now available. You will be automatically signed up at a gate once decided.
KLAX Tower: @Gaby_Burnei
KLAX Ground: @Gaby_Burnei
KLAX Departure:
KDFW Tower: @Gaby_Burnei
KDFW Approach:
KDFW Departure:
KDFW Ground: @Gaby_Burnei
KJFK Approach :
KJFK Tower, Ground: @Gaby_Burnei

There may be ATC on the following date, please be informed.

NOTAMS: Fly professionally and seriously. Do not act like a troll. Follow ALL ATC instructions. Follow FPL copied from event hoster. Do not disregard flight plan unless the instruction is given by ATC.

As always I hope you have fun!


Hello , I’d Like To Pick KLAX , KJFK And KDFW Tower And Ground

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Can I have a gate? (Although I would want to be in generic for certain reasons I can live with using American Eagle)

Yes I’ll sign you a gate. Generic doesn’t fit the event, but you can fly in the house Colours livery

I wish you luck trying to do this event on the training server.

I’m actually thinking about moving this to the Expert Server.

Comoros? What is that?

Lol my autocorrect did that.

I should be able to take KLAX departure as long as the event is still on training server and the position isn’t already taken…

Hello! This event was scheduled for July 15th. Be sure to browse the #live:events ategory for other fun upcoming events! :)


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