Canadair CRJ-100ER MCS AeroCarga "Redpack Livery" (XA-MCD)

About MCS AeroCarga:

MCS is a Group of 100% Mexican Companies composed of experts, with more than 25 years of experience in the Cargo Industry.

Thanks to the careful selection of the people who enrich the Group, we have been able to develop, through each of the companies of the MCS Group, a portfolio of services that allows us to provide our clients with solutions in all aspects of the environment. freight and logistics.

The services of the MCS Group include:

  • Representation & Sale of Air Services under AWB of International Airlines.
  • Customer Service Center and Reservations, focused on providing Cargo Agencies with the highest quality standards in the coordination and monitoring of managed shipments with our represented airlines.
  • Supervision of Ground Operations for International Airlines.
  • Training courses on issues related to Freight and Logistics.
  • CLOUD CARGO (Cargo & Airline Management System). Software developed by MCS to offer, both to GSSA’s, and to the Airlines, a solution tailored to their needs, for the control of their loading operations.
  • Domestic Charter Service in CRJ200-PF equipment (MCS AeroCarga).
  • Air Cargo Service for Domestic Cargo on our itineraries with MCS AeroCarga.
  • Regular and Temporary Storage (CrossDock).
  • Picking & Distribution Service.
  • Representation & Sale of National Air Services under AWB Own (IATA 3rd Party Logistics Code).
  • Ground Operation Services for Airlines operating in Mexico.
  • Representation & Sale of Maritime Services under BL of International Shipping Companies.

Mission and vision

Mission: To be an extension of the work team of our Clients; that they consider us HIS team of experts, in all the subjects related to the means of Loading and Logistics.

Vision To be the Group of companies related to the field of Cargo and Logistics, with the highest recognition in the market, for their Knowledge, Customer Service, Reliability, Ethics, Professional Excellence, Commitment, Initiative, Formality, and above all Quality in each one of the services provided.

Our Values: Passion, Reliability, Professional Excellence, Quality Service, Honesty.

3 - CRJ-100
1 - CRJ-200

1 order for another CRJ-100

MCS AeroCarga