Canada to the rescue!

Canadian air traffic controllers are carrying out a simple, but heartfelt gesture for their American counterparts — they’re buying them dinner amidst the U.S. government shutdown.

Air traffic controllers (ATC) in Moncton, N.B. and Gander, Nfld. sent pizza over to controllers manning the stations at the New York Air Traffic Control Center (ZNY), in Ronkonkom, N.Y., on Friday night in support of their colleagues who are working unpaid as the American government’s partial shutdown drags into its fourth week.

A photo of a sign hung up in New York Center which said that 32 pizzas had been ordered by the Canadians was posted on Reddit by user PlatinumAero, whose real name is David Lombardo.

Lombardo, who runs the Facebook page ATC Memes and is a partner on the ATC merch website, used to work at New York Center and continues to have close contact with air traffic controllers across the United States.

He told HuffPost Canada that the picture was sent to him from one of the controllers who is working at the ZNY during the shutdown. He explained that Canadian and American air traffic controllers often work closely together.

“In many cases these are radar control facilities buying for the neighbouring sector facility,” Lombardo said.

The outpouring of support isn’t ending yet though — Lombardo said Winnipeg Tower is sending dinner to Minneapolis−Saint Paul International Airport’s tower on Sunday night, and already covered Grand Forks’ lunch on Saturday.

Another Reddit user commented on Lombardo’s thread and said they received an email from the Toronto union noting that the pizzas are an initiative taking place at centres across the country.

“As a gesture of solidarity with our fellow American controllers, we will be sending pizza to the Cleveland Center controllers for dinner. They are in the middle of the government shutdown and as of yesterday did not receive their pay cheques,” the email allegedly said. “All the ACC’s across the country will be buying pizzas for their adjacent centres.”

HuffPost Canada has reached out to the Canadian Air Traffic Control Association to confirm.

Lombardo, who lives in Long Island, N.Y., told HuffPost Canada the shutdown is pushing some people towards desperate measures like taking out loans, and that people have even messaged his ATC Memes page to ask him to share information on different loan programs.


Oh wow! That was very nice!


Typical Canada😏🇨🇦

Cool story!


How nice of them :) gotta love Canada!

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I think we can all agree that Canadians are the nicest people ever right?


I approve of this

AS LONG as they apologized to the pizza guy for taking up his gas, and time.


Well pizza hmm well I think canada should buy the margarita option

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We only have Lumberjack (olives, pepperoni and red peppers) and snow (cheese) though


When America needs help it’s always great to see our next door neighbors/upstairs neighbors helping!

Thanks for sharing, but it’d be nice to see you give credit to the authors.

(Article written by the Huffington Post.)


Awesome story of kindness! How nice of them! :)

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Ah yes - Thank you I forgot I thought them being mentioned more then once in the article would of been noticeable, guess not!

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Well, that can be gathered but it’d be nice to just say it in my opinion. They wrote it, and even though you mean well, without stating otherwise it seems like the work may be yours.

Nope thanks I thought it was obvious, guess not thanks again!

This why I love Canada! In America, they’d leave you a 30% discount for a small drink and fries.


I’d like to see a place that does that lol when I got furloughed when I was in the Army places cared for me and my ex fiancé at the time lol

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“Sorry aboot this eh! Here’s some pizza!”

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