Canada to Paradise: Air Tahiti Nui CYVR-NTAA

Flying from somewhere to Tahiti has been on my IF bucket list, just like flying to Saint Helena is. I haven’t gotten or Saint Helena yet, but I did get to Tahiti last night. A fun fact, after Air Tahiti Nui retires their last Airbus A340, they now only operate the Boeing 787-9. Nothing else So, without further ado, here are the photos from my flight from Vancouver to Tahiti.


Distance: 4,300nm
Flight time: 9:10
Server: Expert
Departure: 8R
Arrival: 22
Aircraft: Boeing 787-9
Livery: Air Tahiti Nui.

Taking off in Vancouver. I love that livery I just can’t get over those gradient shades of blue😱

I’d love to go to Canada some day. It isn’t at the top of my list, it isn’t exactly Mauritius or anything, but it seems worth it.

I have seen some really nice liveries in my time. But this one. It’s on a whole new dimension.

The 787 is the most beautiful thing ever. Those curves and the smooth edges it is just so… PERFECT!

I would so love to go to French Polynesia some day 🇵🇫

Tahiti also seems really beautiful, but I like those atolls with the bright blue water in the middle most. It’s just insanely gorgeous.

On final runway 22. I love how Tahiti intl. is just stuck at the very tip of the island. It is like Roland Garros airport in reunion. The whole island has very uneven and hilly terrain, so they just put the airport right in the corner where it’s flat. Personally, I’d have preferred a runway built down the side of a mountain, but I doubt pilots who actually had to land there would feel the same…

Touchdown! I love the wings of the 787! They seem so much bigger than other planes because of their shape. They are much wider from from to back than other planes however

Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to Tahiti!!!
What do you want to see next?

  • Amsterdam to Saint Maarten- KLM 744
  • Kiev to Kai Tak- Cathay A330
  • New Delhi to Johannesburg- Air India 788
  • Fly in circles for 9 hours- Virgin Atlantic A346

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Very nice!

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Awesome shots! I love flying into Tahiti, I would recommend flying the ANZ 787 from NZAA

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