Canada Day🇨🇦

So yesterday was Canada Day 🇨🇦, and WSVG, ACVA and PDVA celebrated with a big CYOW flyout.
Westjet Virtual flew to CYYZ
Air Canada Virtual flew to CYVR
And Porter Virtual flew to CYTZ

It was a really fun flight and I hope you guys like the pics :).

Route details

CYOW 🇨🇦 - CYYZ 🇨🇦
Westjet Boeing 737-700
Expert server

(Happy Canada Day btw)


Standing all at the gate

Can’t forget about Porter virtual

Big line for takeoff

Someone taking off

Last from WSVG on final

I had an amazing Canada Day, I hope you too.
I also hope you enjoyed these pics😊

Enjoy the rest of your day🇨🇦


Oh, and if you have any feedback. Please tell me, thanks

Those are hawt

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Thanks mate

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I definitely enjoyed this event, and thanks for posting the replay shots! This is definitely something I’d look at doing again! 😄

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Thanks, it was really fun seeing all the Canadian VA’s together


Great pictures @Infinite_Qantas!

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Thanks Luke 😊

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I always love to see Canada getting some love in IF. It’s such a beautiful country 😍.

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Nice to see Canadian VAs.🤩. Awesome

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Yeah, Canada is awesome

@Adrian_K indeed


Thanks @Infinite_Qantas