Canada 3000 757-200 Livery

Canada 3000 757-200

Background Information:

Canada 3000 Inc. was a Canadian discount charter airline offering domestic and international flights. It was the largest charter airline in the world at the time of its operation, with over 90 destinations worldwide, although it changed to scheduled service in 2000 after the Canadian Airlines and Air Canada merger. Canada 3000 competed with Air Canada, WestJet, and fellow charter airline Air Transat. In November 2001, the airline went out of business after a sharp decline in revenues following the September 11, 2001, terrorist attacks in the United States. There have been several attempts to restart the airline since then. The airline was headquartered in Etobicoke in the west-end of Toronto, Ontario.

Why This Livery?

Canada 3000 is pretty much the only Canadian Airline that ever operated the Boeing 757. The livery has such as classic, elegant look and would be a great addition to the 757 rework. We need more classic liveries, so why not try something less known?


Exceptional historical background 🙂
Would be nice to offer this aircraft some respect in the sim😄


I never knew any of this, wow, i agree, hopefully when the 757 is reworked this livery comes with it, that would be truly amazing


Yeah. The only way that I learned about it is that my dad flew on Canada 3000 to Florida one time when he was younger.

Yeah it would be awesome to have this cool looking livery! :)

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With the 777 Rework complete, hopefully the 757 will come next, and we can get this livery! :)

Hopefully, we can have this livery on the 757 at some point. :)

Totally agree. Flew with them twice, lovely crew and modern fleet (launch customer for the A300-200).

Originally set up by Air 2000, as a way of leasing aircraft out of season. Government said no no to a UK company operating in Canada and thus it was formed by Canadian businesses instead but retained links to Air 2000.

You’d find their 757s heading to the UK in winter in return for Air 2000s A320s.

The 757 was a stalwart with Canadian charter airlines with Air Transat, Royal Airlines, Odyssey and Nationair. Would be great to see these carriers represented in IF to pay homage to them.

The terror attacks in 2001 and the purchase of both Royal and Canjet sealed the fate of Canada 3000 which was such a shame.

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Thanks for all of that information! This livery would be so cool to see on the 757. It would be nostalgic! :)

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