Can You Wait?

It is really annoying when you are on approach and then the Approach Frequency leaves and you have to give your info again to the next person or the next person barks at you 20 seconds after the change for not contacting them. Is this a current problem?

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Not entirely sure what you are complaining about here. IFATC are volunteers, and cannot control 24/7, we control when we can. Whenever we decide to swap frequency multiple people will have the same issue. The only way to avoid this is for the same controller to be on for the full 24 hours that the airport is featured, and that isn’t going to happen.


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Approach is usually very busy, and due to this, the previous controller cannot notify the new about every aircraft and their current status. It is the pilot’s job to ensure he is checking for a new frequency, especially if the message ‘Controller Change In Progress’ has been used. Approach controllers need to get everyone on board with them asap.

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