Can you use 100% PWR?

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I was wondering if it would be unrealistic to use 100% throttle since 95% is 100% N1? This could be used to gain airspeed to avoid a stall. I know that on takeoff, you only use 90-100% N1 (around 80-95% PWR). Thanks.

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Depends on what you are talking about.

Since you mention N1 I assume you’re talking about turbofan aircraft, in which case you shouldn’t go over 100% N1, but that doesn’t apply to all aircraft. I’m not sure about turbojets and ramjets, someone else can talk about that, but for props it is perfectly fine to use 100% power as far as I know.


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Thank you. Does it apply to turboprops like the Dash 8 that I can use 100%?


I’m not sure about the turboprops, but I would assume it would be closer to props than turbofans, yes. Someone please correct me if this is wrong

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The Q400 uses around 85% power for takeoff, I wouldn’t go over that. The TBM however should be fine with 100% power.

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My-step-brother-A380-pilot told me: When I was flying for army I was used to takeoff at 100% (Super Etendard), but when I joined commercial flights they said no no don’t use max power it’s tooooo expensive. He showed me a professional Airbus apps that calculates everything. He made a simulation. Firstly you don’t takeoff from the threshold (sparing some taxiways, more economic), and secondly it gives you the power to use to takeoff with 100 meters spare and the end of the runway! My God!
Use 85% maybe less

Most turboprop and turbofan aircraft (commercial/airline) only use 80% power. However if your aircraft is very full (North of 75% load) then I suggest using a bit more. You can also use a bit more on freighter aircraft especially the DC-10 and MD-11F.

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