Can you stream Infinite Flight to a tv?

Does anyone know if you can stream Infinite Flight to a tv? And if you can how can you do it?

What type of TV are you talking about? Samsung Smart TV? Normal TV? Does it have HDMI? Does the whole setup need to be wireless? I think just a little more description might help.


Do you have an iPhone/iPad?

Do you have an Apple TV?


Any TV such as a flatscreen or HD TV!


Ipad to a regular flat screen TV

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iPad’s can only stream wirelessly to Apple TV’s but you can get an adapter that allows you to connect via HDMI


Okay Thanks! I’ll research it!

This is the adapter I’m talking about


I have this and I use it to connect to my Monitor and TV you just need a HDMI to go from the TV to this adaptor

if you want to do it without any wires or anything you can stream your screen by using this

I know your question was for iOS but I know others will have questions about Android.

Because TVs can range in age some of the newer ones have Chromecast built in and the cast function will work. If you have an older TV you can buy Chromecast separate. It works great. There is a little lag if you leave the camera on scenic because of all of the switching but it is nice.


I have another solution if you don’t want to buy a $50 Apple dongle or an Apple TV (this works for iOS and Android)
@evanforker2003 Do you have an HDMI cord and a laptop/computer that can connect to the TV?


I have Chomecast so i’ll probably use that!


No i dont but i probably will get one!

Ok, then never mind. It probably won’t work then.
Chromecast though sounds like a great idea! I don’t know how it would be set up but I’m sure you’ll figure it out :D

Apple TV should do the job. If your TV has screen mirroring that should also work.

I’ve done it before with an Apple TV

It’s a cool feature but ultimately it’s a gimmick. There is always a slight delay and you have to look at your screen anyway to operate the controls so unless someone wants to watch you fly I see no point in actually doing it.


I often broadcast from my IPhone X to my Apple TV, it works very well, no lag and no glitches!

not sure if it works but chromecast could be an option for Android. I am not sure though if the IF devs have integrated it into their app.