Can you signup for Open Beta or is Open Beta for the public?


I have a question, does Open Beta mean it’s for the public or do you have to signup for it?


Only people with a certain TL can, or it will be first come first serve.

The premiere said it’s limited open beta so does that mean you have to sign up or are you picked?

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Open Beta last time was for TL2 and above

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What does TL mean? And also what the first come first serve mean?

Trust Level

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It’s likely going to be like last time where TL2 users and above were allowed to do the beta. There will probably be a blog post about it soon so keep your eyes peeled.


Yes, according to staff it’ll be certain amount of people available to the open beta


Wait so how do you know if you got it or not

Google ain’t always correct. Only certain groups will be allowed Open Beta due to it being limited… Sorry if that doesn’t suit ya but only time will tell. Be patient.

A post will be posted about open beta. Stay tuned on the IFC!

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How to know if you have TL or not?

You are currently TL1

Press on your profile

Thanks for letting me know

How many are there?

5, TL0, TL1 and TL2 (automatic promotion) and TL3 and TL4 (manually promoted by the staff)

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I don’t know how to check my TL

Trust Level 0: new user
Trust Level 1: Basic User
Trust Level 2: Member
Trust Level 3: Regular
Trust Level 4: Leader

just see your profile