Can you set wpts for pattern work?

Ok, so im trying to boost my landings and XP, but im terrible at pattern work! Are you able to set wpts for pattern work? (Like EG: one to turn crosswind, then downwind ect.) Thanks!

You are able to set wpts for pattern work.
However, you can only do this where it is applicable to do so i.e for some base turns and downwind turns, wpts are not available.
I hope this helps, Happy Flying!


Ok, thanks!

You are welcome, I would also recommend just taking away/adding 90 degrees to your takeoff runway heading for the downwind and base turns.


Like said, you can if you wish create a set of waypoints for whatever you want. Just make sure that, if you are at an towered airport, the waypoints somewhat represent that rectangle shape, otherwise ATC won’t be able to give you pattern instructions. Oh, and ATC could give you the other side of the pattern too. So, I recommend you do it at an uncontrolled field.


Still better to fly manually, and try to train yourself before go on the expert Server. Most people get ghosted bc they are to exited to try or bc they don’t know how.

If you already know all the things to know good for you ! 😜


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