Can you recommend a good long haul?

If you want to go a little bit farther i recommend KLAX to YBBN or KSFO to YSSY

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I suggest tampa to London

I like RJTT - KLAX

I fly VABB / VIDP to KSFO many times and love it. 16-17 hour flight in the 777-200LR, Air India livery. One of the world’s longest flights.

CYYZ-HAAB! It’s a really cool route with the Ethiopian A350

I think that PHNL-RCTP on the China Airlines A350 would be a nice one!

OMDB-KFLL on Emirates 772LR. Short runway for landing so much fun

EHAM-RJTT in the KLM a350 is a nice flight

I’ve done some ones I recommend: LAS-LGW, MCO-LGW, EGCC-OMDB, LFPG-MMMX, KJFK-LIMC

I recommend WSSS-KEWR in the Singapore A359


NZAA - KLAX, nice Trans-Pacific.

KLAX-SKBO is a scenic one with the 787 if you want some South American Action


VHHH-LTFM, enough said.

KMIA - SAWH very long flight in a A321, 11hrs and stunning senery or EGLL - WSSS A388 12hrs very nice long flight.

I feel like airports like KLAX, EGLL etc. is super overrated.
I’d do something fun like:
Sydney - Zurich (cargo)
Chicago - Copenhagen (SAS A359)
Frankfurt - Singapore (Singapore/Lufthansa 359, Singapore 777,380)
Rio De Janiero - Oslo (Norwegian 787-9)
Houston - Stavanger (Aerologic 777F)

Also New Zealand is a wonderful place to fly from

all the best

Try RKSI-JKFK, it’s a route I fly often IRL and in IF.


Awesome departure along the coast and arrival into Hong Kong is absolutely stunning.