Can you please help me to find some virtual airline?

Hi. I am currently in grade 2. I saw that so many virtual is required grade 3 or above. Would you please help me to find some no required grade virtual?

Sure I will try to find some.

Non-Stop Virtual, based off of Lufthansa Group requires Grade 2:

I am not advertising, just listing some VAs.

Korean Air Virtual requires Grade 2:

All Nippon Airlines (ANA) Virtual accepts Grade 2s:

Air Asia Virtual’s Grade Requirement seems to be Grade 2, too.

These are only some of them I found, I am sure there is more.

If you go onto to the search bar and type “Requirements Grade 2 #live:va” it will show all VA threads with “Requirements Grade 2” in them. You can look for more VAs there.


Hey! I would check the threads of the #live:va category and look at the requirements of each VA to determine the best VA for you :)

Singapore Virtual is >=Grade 2.

And if you reach Grade 3 you are more than welcome to join EVA Air Virtual.

FedEx Virtual accepts grade 2 pilots.

As above,

Also, try Qatar

That’s not our current thread above. Here is our current thread, and we require all our applicants to be grade 3 of higher.


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