Can you play without wifi

I need help. I used to play infinite on an pled iPhone, now I have the 8. I can’t seem to fly without wifi or in a car? Why? Use used to be able to???


not anymore sadly :( after the global update all of the terrain was not downloaded

This is no longer possible due to the fact that the scenery is streamed from a dedicated server. A source of internet will be required for both Solo and Live modes. Wifi or Cellular will required.


As mentioned you do need an internet connection to use IF. So yes you should be able to play this game without WiFi, as long as your phone has a strong mobile data connection.

If IF doesn’t work outside Wifi on mobile data, I suggest you check your phone’s mobile data settings to see if the IF app is allowed to use the mobile network. And make sure you have a 4G mobile data connection.

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