Can you play on wifi airplane

Can you play this game on a Aircraft wifi allow

Yes, there may be some cutouts but in general you should be fine. Most airlines require you to pay for WIFI, so keep that in mind.

Does this game need high bandwidth on a Aircraft commercial

Some airlines charge based on data consumption, so if that’s the case, you’ll probably need a lot of money for one flight.

All in all, if you’re willing to spend the money and take the risk, go for it, but if I were in your shoes, it’s not something I would do.

I think most airlines will pay for wifi like said above, but a couple of years ago I played IF for free on a long JetBlue flight!

It depends on how the plane gets the internet. If it’s through an air-to-ground system, you should be fine, at least in USA (Gogo) and Europe (EAN), as it works about the same as your cellphone, so be that the antennas are more powerful. They are usually small fins on the bottom of the airplane.
If, however, you are flying over water though (or your airline decided that air-to-ground is for suckers), this means you’ll utilize satellite connection. Not only is it unstable, as all satellites need to be over the equator to be stationary (also known as Geostationary orbit), because of which the antenna needs to be physically pointed at the equator. Also, because your signal needs to travel enormous distances, you could easily have a ping of 0.5 seconds and more. These antennas are usually the blob on the roof closer to the tail


Yes, but I would not advise doing such. IF itself is already a huge drain on battery, so attempting to play it while on an unstable (and heavily occupied) network like that of a jet will probably drain your battery even faster, and decrease game performance.

TL;DR, Don’t try it. Spare your phone battery for later. Never know what’s gonna happen.

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