Can You Play Alone?

Hello I wanted to know if you can play it without doing multiplayer

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You can fly on solo mode alone without having to pay a subscription if you have the app, but you must pay a subscription to fly online with others. ATC is only for online mode.


You can play IF on Solo. It doesn´t have the ATC though.


No Atc is only for live

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What is the ATC link at the beginning

That’s only available if you have an Infinite Flight Live subscription

Yes I know but what is it for do you fly
with ATC

You can become an Air traffic controller for the other players on IF Live. There are multiple frequencies: Ground, Tower, Departure, Approach and Center. Anyone can practice controlling on the ‘playground’ server which is for learning. There is another server called ‘Advanced’ where only trained controllers can control. It’s great fun, I definitely recommend getting Live!


OK but on YouTube I’ve seen some people play and they nwith no other plane just ATC I want to do that so what do ddo I do

Maybe there were no other planes in sight? They could be on the same frequency but further away and you couldn’t see them.

Or, when there are no people acting as ATC at an airport you have Unicom at every airfield which is a system where pilots announce their movements (but get no reply bcos there is no controller). The video you may have seen may have been using this.

So. There is also a server named Free Flight where you can play with others but there is no ATC or rules to break. I would recommend playing on Free Flight before you play on Playground, just for practice.

Two ways:

  1. Fly on solo mode (You’ll see it next to live and atc mode once the menu screen loads)
  2. Fly in Oshkosh in the Free Flight Server (Live mode)



Why Oshkosh?

Very few people fly there due to lack of major airports and its medium-size.

It rarely gets populated in PG, but occasionally there are 1-2 people.

Adv lights up oshkosh every now and then.

Ok thank you

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No problem! Always helping community members out

Many IF YouTubers use apps like “Zello” To make the flight more realistic in Solo :) If that helps!

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