Can you pay live with an Apple iTunes gift card ?

Hey I want to buy live to extend my account even though I have about 3 weeks for live . Is it possible to pay live with a Apple iTunes gift card ?

Course you can


I think so. I had a friend that payed Live with a iTunes gift card and it worked.But I don’t know

Ok good thanks because I thought before The developers said you cannot pay live with an apple iTunes gift card


Last time I did it didn’t work so I had to speak to Apple get a refund and then buy it from the website

Bought Live+ with one.


Because I live in the I.R.I, I don’t have credit cards so all my purchases and in-apps are by iTunes gift cards. My Live+ is thanks to that


Yep, it should work fine. At one point you couldn’t on android, but it has always worked for iOS.

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I do all them time. It works very well!

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Yes, you can. You can buy almost everything with an iTunes gift card.

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I only play with an iTunes gift card.

Sure you can. :)


Ok thanks good to know

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