Can you pay a plane spotter

I was wondering if there are paid plane spotters. I’m not sure if that’s a thing because I couldn’t find anything on google but please contact me if you know anyone who could film a specific flight in Warsaw Amsterdam or Boston i will use the footage for a flight review

No one will say no to some cash (I guess) but I’m sure you’ll find someone who provides a nice shot of the plane you want for free :)


I can film it if you pay for me to fly. I live in nz so it won’t be cheap

Don’t Infinite Flight not allow advertisements involving money

I would take the stack

Of course there maybe some cases in which spotters could be paid. Airliner magazines, videos and websites may be an example. Some People, owners or managers may pay a tiny bit of money to local spotters with high quality cameras.

When do you need this? I might convince my grandad in Poland to drive me up to EPWA one day so I can do it for you.

I charge $60 an hour

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If you want some Atlanta shots, I’m the guy to talk to. My prices are low, starting at just $100 a photo, $250 a video 😂

I would be happy to share some with you though if I’m back spotting soon

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I mean if you need a video of a plane in Warsaw after 31st July I’m available. I’ll charge about 40GBP (Expensive but like I’m gonna have to pay my grandad for his old car to drive up there, Fuel you know)

Not the place to ask, even if someone would do so [wink wink I take cash card and food]