Can you pause your account

I’m not saying that I the date of exportation for my account would change but is there a way to pause your landings in 90 days, flight time in 90 days, ext… Because I will be gone for 2 weeks and I don’t want to come back and see that I’m a grade 2 pilot

Nope, the landings you did 91 days ago will be gone.

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Oh :( they should add that tho

I know how you feel. Even though Im still grade 2.

Well that’s the whole point of the 90 day rule, it maintains your ‘currency’ as a pilot to ensure that you maintain your expertise to be a grade 3 and above. If you are going to be away for only 2 weeks then you should still have sufficient landings within the timescale so you can remain a Grade 3 though?

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C’est la vie. IRL, commercial pilots are requiered to log a minimum number of landings on a given time frame, otherwise, they would have to get back to the simulator.

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they still have to do a sim check ride every 6 months anyway!

But yes if they don’t have currency of 3 landings every 90 days then its extra time in the box for them!

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Im grade 4 and I have like 179 landings

In 90 days

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